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Chuck Newton

The videos are so unbelievably cool. Do more.


hahahahaha! very good videos! that poor frog being forced to be your video, he was so still and shiny like he wasn't even alive...It was good to see you and take us through your place and refer to yourself in the third person even though it's just you. Oh you like BALLS! haha.

Thomas from Austin TX !

Great video about your apartment. If ya ever need us to send ya something from the lone star state, give us a holler. Good luck Mary.

Christian Traughber

Cool, haha. This is like the Japanese version of MTV Cribs, without the huge LCD screens, the Scarface poster and the Crystal champagne in the fridge. But you are quite lucky you got quite a decent-sized apartment in Japan. Real estate there, especially in Tokyo, is probably the most expensive in the world.

Isreal Ayele

That video opened my eyes to how people in Japan live in their apartments. It's amazing how Japanese architecture can make small rooms look large.

Debera Schiraldi

That's a cute frog, Mary! Good job on making him your host. He's pretty good at it, LOL. What's his name again? I didn't understand his name in the audio. Also, I so love the living room! It's simple yet very beautiful, especially the pictures on the wall. They give life to the room.

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