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My favorite part of the video is when you are coming out of the dressing room and the Jusco music is playing in the background. I must have been standing right under the speaker for it to be picked up that well. Oh yes, Japan!

Shining Love Pig

Ingenious. I particularly like the small child bouncing a colossal blue ball as you whizz past.


This is just like MUZZY but in English. Now you need to do the exact video in Japanese! I too loved the bouncing ball, too! Did you really buy the cute white furry jacket?

Chuck Newton



I would like a plum, a peach and some grapes.

How much would that be?


JK Mary, how have you been, and nice job on the video. I wish I had a camcorder of a camera what ever you you're making these videos with, but you are really getting good at it.

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