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AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWWwwwwwwww!!! This is so sweet, and a total surprise. I miss you guys so much!!! I love you all and we will see each other soon. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :) Hugs and kisses, Mary

(yes I am commenting on my own blog...this is kinda weird...haha).

Mark Newton

have a very merry Christmas Mary
With love

Chuck Newton

Have a very Merry Christmas Butter Bean


Mary Christmas, Merry! We love you and wish you were here. It is just not the same. Nobody is running around the house while listening to Lucy and Linus, or making forts in your room to sleep in tonight. We will just have to carry on anyway!
Hope your day is filled with new and happy memories! MOM

Mandy Newton

Ruff! Ruff! Bow! Wow! Howel! Oh, and Merry Christmas!



sup dood. Merry Christmas and that stuff. You going to take a picture of your christmas cake for me?

Get on skype/aim more so we can chat it up, I'm tired of you being some workaholic.

Call me sometime- my number is 832-640-0534. I know you call everyone else so you might as well call me.

Chuck Newton

:D! Hello there Mary! How are you doing? How was your christmas? We really did miss you at ours :( nothing was the same. Oh well, I am excited about next year, hopefully we will all be together then. But I need to e-mail you sometime so that we catch up on things, i have heard of your many adventures from Mom and Dad, but i think that it will be more exciting to hear them from you. I miss you very much, and I hope that all is and all remains well! I can not wait to see you, only a few more months, so keep on learning and have as much fun as you can! Merry Christmas Mary! I love you!
- PJ :D * .Smile.*

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