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President Bush

Blame it on the computers..haha

Chuck Newton

I'm ready to go back to high school at Omura High School. Not sure how I'll make a living, but then high school students do not have to worry about that, yet.


Excellent work MEG!


nice video mary

Linda O. Thomas

Great video Meg! So nice to see high school life at Omura High School. Looks like a great school to attend. Loved the superwoman outfit. Young people behave the same throughout the world. Nice job!


What a great video! I'm a random passerby... highschool looks so much better in japan than in america... O.o I love your blog, keep it up!


Hello, I like this page. Why do you love English? Because we're the English club. Also I like the video. I'm a Spanish visitor and my E-mail is cloud_Sefi@hotmail.com
If someone want to speak with me, please, add me.
¡¡ Arigato !!


¿¿ 6h 58 min AM ??
Now we have 23h 58 min. Wow, what change. (I love Kenshin, Bleach, and also others things that aren't manga like FINAL FANTASY VII). NOBUO UEMATSU, I love your music :-):-) :-)


i just saw the video up on youtube and i just had to comment on your blog! :D i was thinking of getting into the JET program once i got my bachlors. but that wont be for awhile (im going to be a sophmore at UH)

please keep making these videos! they are really interesting (i <3 the music you had for this video)

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