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Chuck Newton

You can get bread from a vending machine in the USA. It is called an ATM.


Set the table, this stuff looks awesome. I've always dreamt of eating bread from a can! What is going on over there? Yikes!


Wow, Japan continues to amaze me. How long did it take you to become acustomed to everything that's different in Japan? How about the language.. how long did it take you to learn it?


I was surprised! I went to Nagoya last year and saw lots of things. But I can't imagin how fast is Japan!(I mean the can of food)

Did you try the can, how is it?Please tell me:)
I'm from Hong Kong, I am very interested with your blog!^_^


i also get surprised with such a great creativity by my country(Im japanese). just the problem is...if it's tasty or not!!

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