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We will be waiting for you at IAH. Please bring rain with you-we haven't had quite enough!


Good luck to Meg and her travels. Please come to see us in TEXAS-with or without rain!


oh it was soooo sad to see you go! only your smile kept me from crying b/c i knew you were so happy to go home! what a wonderful sendoff. i hope you felt as loved as you are! it makes me sad to see your new blog, but happy about what comes next for you. you will be greatly missed in 日本 and only the fact that i will soon follow suit makes this easier! hope you had safe travels home!


I found your blog only as you're on your way out the door! I guess I'll have to relive the experience through the back numbers.
Hope you're enjoying Texas!


Miss Mary, it's been quite some time since you've left home and still no post. Don't worry, I'm not worried about YOU, I know that you are just too busy doing about a million other things.

PS Be careful, american french fries are GREASEY!!! (they gave me several stomach aches in Hawaii)


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