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you guys are certainly silly.

you should have had silly music to go along with it. or at least, something different.

was that all... the same dance!?

you gals are fun!


I should have added this in the description: this is the music we dance to in class. :)


I love how we have footage from everywhere EXCEPT during a real performance...one day we'll get it!!

Kim Nakajima

Hi. My name is Kim. I found your blog thru shininglovepig. I am addicted. You guys are so much fun. Bring on more vids. luv Kim in Kawasaki



Now this is ridiculous! I've come everyday since July 26th to see wonderful new pictures and stories from your last days from Japan, and I get nothing! So, stop keeping me in such suspense. I know you are now only 2 1/2 hours away from me! I will find yas! haha.

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